super skunk feminized autoflowering


Super Skunk auto:
If you are a lover of the skunk family, the super skunk auto from futurseeds cannot be missing from your crop. This strain has been created from the best super skunk varieties combined with a high quality ruderalis, obtaining these seeds that will give you plants that have nothing to envy others.

The plant that the super skunk auto will give us is a large and robust plant, to be an autoflowering variety we have to be careful with the size that it reaches us because in flowering we can have problems of branch breakage due to the weight of the flowers.

If you want to avoid having these problems, we recommend putting some stakes on the plant, so they will help it with the weight and the branches will not break.

Data sheet
The flavor, effect and general characteristics of the super skunk auto from futurseeds are like those of the super skunk, sweet but earthy flavor with a powerful double effect, firstly a totally cerebral effect appears that gives way to a relaxing one, much more bodily.

When can we reap our harvest?
Indoors we will have it in approximately 55 or 60 days while outdoors we can collect it at the end of summer by planting it in spring.

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